Prayer Requests

Updated February 2014


Pray that we listen carefully to what God wants us to do and use His power to carry that out.

Pray for strength, stamina and good health to carry out God’s Kingdom work.

Pray that more resources come in so that we can help Tapestries of Life with their work and others in need as well!!

Our Hands Are His, Inc serves those in need, by giving food, clothing, resources, by purchasing medicines, paying for rent, gas, electric, propane, medical needs and other needs as we are able.  We also have the honor of praying with those who come to us for help.  We are blessed to be a blessing!! We also directly serve Tapestries of Life in their work and have done so since January 2008 as full time missionaries.  Read below Tapestries prayer requests.


It is time to come and work on the building with us!  The kids are playing in the plazas again.  THANK YOU JESUS!!  Please spread this wonderful news and book your 2014 and 2015 work team with Tapestries of Life now!!!  Contact Amanda Brewer at or call her at 915-764-2688

Pray that the resources would continue to come in so we can keep on building the cafeteria.  The floors are poured and the walls are going up!  The brick is beautiful!! Come help us finish this building so we can bring the kids home!!

Pray that the Mexican government contributes to the building fund!!

Pray for work teams or for those unable to come to send Tapestries of Life the finances to continue with the work.  Hire a Mexican national worker for a week for $150.  Send checks to Tapestries of Life, PO Box B, Fabens, TX  79838

Immediate Help is Needed for Tapestries of Life!! (Numbers are estimated) To begin and complete work on the cafeteria-$700,000

For the vanities, sinks and mirrors-$8,000

For drinking fountains-$2000-3000

For lumber to build closets & shelves in bedrooms-$5000-7000

For the insulation-$3,000

For the elevator to be donated

Remainder needed for the water system-Estimated at $60,000

For the Mexican government to join on build the cafeteria and provide the electrical work needed

Speaking engagements for Pastor Steve

Work Teams to come help us finish the work!

For health, strength and stamina for the staff

We are so close !!!!  Help bring us over the top!!!

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