Prayer Requests

Updated July 2017


Pray that we listen carefully to what God wants us to do and use His power to carry that out.

Pray for strength, stamina and good health to carry out God’s Kingdom work.

Pray that more resources come in so that we can help people in need in our area and internationally.  We are currently supporting 3 different missionaries monthly.  1 couple in Mexico also assisting Tapestries of Life, 1 couple in Napal, and 1 young man in Australia. We also serve those in need in our local area of Siren and Webster, WI.

Our Hands Are His, Inc serves those in need, by giving food, clothing, resources, by purchasing medicines, paying for rent, gas, electric, propane, medical needs and other needs as we are able.  We also have the honor of praying with those who come to us for help.  We are blessed to be a blessing!!


Although we are no longer on the missions field directly, we desire to see Tapestries of Life open to the kids of Mexico.  The orphanage is getting so close to opening.  Contact Iridian at 915-764-2688 to book your work week and help them as much as you can!!!  Thank you!!


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